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Iraq war2003 March/April - US-led overthrow of Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein: Some league members, including Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain offer facilities for the invasion. 2004 August - Emergency talks in Cairo to discuss the crisis in Sudan's Darfur region: League is unwilling to accept sanctions or international military intervention.2004 September - League's head Amr Moussa says "the gates of hell are open in Iraq" as the body meets in Cairo.Arab League supports Palestinian bid to become a "fully-fledged state" and UN member.2011 August - Arab League issues first condemnation of Syrian government repression of nationwide uprisings, calling for an immediate end to the violence.1944 - Official representatives from Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon, North Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Transjordan (Jordan) and Arab community in British Mandate Palestine meet in Alexandria, Egypt, and agree to form the League of Arab States.1945 - Arab states sign Arab League Pact, thereby formally inaugurating the league. 1950 - League members sign Joint Defence and Economic Cooperation Treaty. First summits1964 - The first summit is convened in Cairo in January; the Arab League Educational, Cultural and Scientific Organization (ALESCO) is set up; second league summit in September welcomes the establishment of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO). 1971 - Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates join the Arab League. 1974 - Somalia and Palestine (represented by the PLO ) join the Arab League.This followed complaints by Syria and Iraq that construction work in Turkey was restricting supplies.1998 - Arab League head condemns use or threat of force against Iraq; league denounces bomb attacks against US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania and US missile strikes against Afghanistan and Sudan.

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Kuwait invasion1990 August - At emergency summit, 12 out of 20 states present condemn the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait; unified Yemen joins the Arab League. 1994 - Arab League condemns decision by the Gulf Cooperation Council to end the secondary and tertiary trade embargo against Israel and insists that the embargo can be lifted only by the league's council.

1996 - Arab League Council rules that waters of Euphrates and Tigris rivers be shared between Iraq, Syria and Turkey.

1989 - Egypt is readmitted into the Arab League; the league's headquarters are moved back to Cairo.

1990 May - Summit meeting in Baghdad criticises Western efforts to prevent Iraq from developing advanced weapons technology.

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